Mysteries Behind the Failure of Child Score

The following is an article that focuses on children’s learning patterns and problems. Lots of

The following is an article that focuses on children’s learning patterns and problems. Lots of questions appear on the website is related to children’s learning problems. We will understand and learn about psychological factors why children have problems with grades at school.

Before we further interact, understand that values ​​or numbers are not the only determinants of children’s future success in the future. All experienced from school will not be used in 100% in the future, so what kind of education children will use until they become adults? I told them the success comes to a person with a good character. If you are looking for a school that provides character education, choose Brighton College, a school that has been recognized for its quality and have Sixth Form Bangkok facilities.

How come a child can answer tons of hard questions at home but when doing a test at school the result is suddenly poor. Well, have you ever had a problem like this?

For you who have elementary school children, you must often experience problems like this.

You must feel annoyed when you find out that your child who learned in a short time could understand, but when the test turns out to be a bad grade test.

If this happens once or twice maybe you can understand it, but if it happens repeatedly, you will start to wonder at your child. It could even be that you are frustrated and then instead emit negative words.

Well, what’s behind this problem? A child who can solve problems at home always failed in school tests. There are three things you need to be aware of:

You need to be suspicious that this child is experiencing hidden anxiety

You must be wondering how come a child gets anxiety? Well, this hidden anxiety is caused by many factors. It can occur from high demands from parents or teachers. This demand cannot make the child show their optimal quality. So when the test, what comes to mind is the fear that he could not fulfill parents and teachers’ wish.

Negative treatments received by children

For example, when a child has bad grades, then we as parents get angry, and maybe even punish him. We told our child to stand in a corner or cannot get an evening snack and so on.

When children receive that treatment, it will leave an impression in his memory. Then, when he does another test, what they saw on the question sheet was not about the exam, but the face of his angry parents. This face suddenly appeared in their minds.

The lack of attention

Maybe you ask, “Ah how could I not pay attention to my child?”. We know that every parent is caring for their children. But sometimes the attention we give does not match what the child wants, what I mean by attention here is quality attention.