7 Nov / 2017

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Why Celebrities Have Saved Some Dog Lives

In the United States, it was found that every year, about 1.6 million dogs are being adopted from different shelters. Do you have any idea that a lot of celebrities have found their dog best friends through this method?

Do you know of any celebrities as of this writing that have been open to this idea of getting their pets? If you think that there are only a few of them, then you might want to think again.

This article will let you in on some of the most famous dog lovers that have opened their homes to dogs coming from shelters.

The time Zooey Deschanel decided to adopt two dogs and not just one

The famous star of the New Girl TV show decided to visit an animal shelter last 2013 to be bringing home one dog. However, much to her delight, her plan did not turn out as expected even as a celebrity.

Zooey became connected to long haired dog with deep brown eyes that go by the name of Dot. During this introduction, she was informed that Dot does not function very well without her very identical sister names Zelda.

Both these dogs have tried being separated, but after that incident, they were always lonely. You can see the love in both of these dogs when they are together. Zooey brought both dogs to her home instead because love is just something that she thinks should be shared by both dogs.

Selena Gomez: The avid dog adopter

Baylor, Selena’s sixth rescue dog, is very happy with how Selena’s song applies to him entitled Good for You. Selena and her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber just adore dogs. It was during one of the couple’s vacations that they have decided to rescue this blue-eyed brown haired dog named Baylor.

It is said that Baylor just fit right into the other rescue dogs in Selena’s life. Nonetheless, it seems that both Baylor and Selena have a special connection. It seems that Selena always loves to take Baylor some walks while she is in New York or Los Angeles.

How Ryan Reynolds found his rescue dog

If you ask the Deadpool celebrity, he will most definitely say that fate brought him and his golden retriever Baxter together.

According to sources, Ryan visited an animal shelter just to help out his friend find a rescue dog. It was funny how Ryan brought Baxter at home because he just whispered to him to get out of the dog shelter, and amazingly, Baxter jumped up to him. The two immediately established a special bond until this time.

How George and Amal Clooney fell in love with rescue dogs

Both George and Amal Clooney cannot help but be vocal about their advocacy for adopting abandoned dogs. They make sure to bring along with them their dogs even the one they adopted last 2015 named Millie a basset hound. If you want to travel in style with your dog, make sure to check Pet Crates Direct.