7 Nov / 2017

The Best Advice About Philanthropists I’ve Ever Written

Philanthropy: A Boon to the World

Nowadays, you can’t go long without hearing about the latest philanthropic contribution by a successful businessperson. For example, there is a prominent Jewish leader from Russia who has become well known for his generous donations, as well as his promotion of tolerance between different people. Additionally, he works to improve relations between religious groups.

His work provides a good model for other philanthropists, who can learn from his strategic approach. An example of his method is his multi-million-dollar gift to an organization that has been successful at helping adults and children who struggle with problems relating to mental health.

What Distinguishes Philanthropy?

If you ask the dictionary, ‘philanthropy’ refers to the generous giving of financial assistance to good causes. There is often a distinction made between philanthropy and other business activities, which have financial gain as their end. Moreover, government activities that center on the provision of services to the general public do not count as philanthropy.

Finally, you might wonder if philanthropy is identical to charity. They are not exactly the same concept, even if there is a significant amount of giving that could be considered under both labels. According to some, charity has to do with alleviating the suffering that is caused by some social challenge. On the other hand, philanthropic giving is directed at the higher-level cause of the challenge itself. Nevertheless, others deny that there is any real distinction between the two terms.

This type of giving has caught on so well that It has become second-nature to see billionaires giving away most of their assets near the end of their lives. This is perhaps not as surprising as it might seem at first glance, owing to the rising number of very rich individuals in the world. Whether through tech entrepreneurship or financial wizardry, there are many opportunities for resourceful individuals to attain wealth.

Philanthropists’ Many Causes

One element of philanthropic giving that stands out is the large number of worthy causes. The businessman mentioned above has not limited his donations to mental health, but also religious services, nuclear non-proliferation, and even art.

Other areas that givers commonly focus on include poverty, homelessness, AIDS and other diseases, and fighting world hunger. Of course, there are an unlimited number of other problems that could be addressed.

The Road Forward

Philanthropy has become a crucial element of our modern world. Even those of us who are not disadvantaged can gain from philanthropists’ efforts, since they often contribute to public resources like museums and scientific studies. It is also a blessing for those who fight for causes that may not receive much attention from the government, perhaps due to being unpopular with the voting population.

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