7 Nov / 2017

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How to Buy a Snorkel Mask?

If you are helping someone to prepare for snorkeling for the first time or if it is you who will be doing it, then you certainly are sifting across the internet for snorkel mask that are of good quality and something you can depend on. Well, this isn’t just any other mask because what you should be buying here is one that suits you nicely and not compromising on comfort.

Today, you are going to find huge varieties of snorkel masks. Because of this, it is not impossible for one to buy the best mask for their needs, given the fact that they know how to properly identify quality masks. So to ensure that you’ll be making the correct decision, following are few pointers to consider.

Tip number 1. Price should not matter – if you are in search for a mask that you’ll be using for a long time, wants to be certain that it feels great and perfectly fits to your face, then you should not be bothered spending few dollars on one. Well for kids, things will be totally different.

Tip number 2. Check how the mask fits on your face – as a matter of fact, this is the most significant part when buying a mask. There’s no question about it and to be sure that you will buy the right fit, you’ve got to try different variations made by various snorkel gear manufacturers. Through this, you will know how a particular style suits your face.

As you put the mask to your face, don’t use the strap to hold it in place and then, breathe in a little bit. Once done, let go and it should stay intact. Remember that a snorkel in your mouth is going to alter your face’s shape and for that, it is recommended to keep that in mind when fitting different masks.

Tip number 3. Which material the mask is made from – what many considered to be the best material for making snorkel mask is silicone mainly because it is durable, comfortable, soft not to mention, it also comes in different colors as well as grades. The crystal silicones are also clear and allows adequate lighting, perfect if you want to see what is under the ocean.

However, photographers prefer a black silicone for them to keep the glare out as they are shooting still images and recording videos underwater.

Tip number 4. What is the masks style – there are different styles of snorkel mask you can buy from single lens, dual lens and even 3 or 4 lenses which can be tempered glass or not. The choice is basically yours to decide.

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