7 Nov / 2017

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Successful Ways of Accumulating Free Flight Miles and First Class Upgrades

With the high cost of flight tickets, your capability to explore the world could be limited. International travel has become the preserve of the rich. However, with a little knowledge and being imaginative, you can join the frequent flyers club. This article will share the options available to access flights or upgrades for free.

Use of credit cards can be used as a way of collecting travel points. Taking time to comparing the available credit cards options and selecting the one that best suits you and collects the most travel points is paramount. With the right credit card it will be important to plan its usage to ensure that it accumulates enough travel points for the planned travel. The amount of accumulated points and the needed points for free flights will determine when one is ready for free flights.

Committing to be a loyal flyer is also a way of flying for free or requesting for upgrades. It is imperative to stick to one carrier for accumulation of free miles and increasing the possibility of upgrades. If the chosen airline provides a credit card it is advisable to use it instead of the travel point card. Sticking to one carrier helps in accumulating the frequent flyer miles. Choosing the cheapest flight for each trip you take makes it difficult to accumulate meaningful miles. In addition, when you are a frequent flyer it is easier to request for a class upgrade and the airline will find a reason for the upgrade.

Volunteering for a later flight can build a case for upgrade. Most commercial airline will feel obliged to upgrade you if you offer to take a later flight and request for upgrade. When the flight is overbooked, your offer to take the next flight show the loyalty you have with the airline and this can earn you an upgrade though it is not mandatory. An airline have more compelling stand to upgrade someone who accepts to take an alternative flight.

Being dressed for the upgrade is another key component of landing it. when planning to request for an upgrade be presentable. Your look will determine if the airline will consider you for an upgrade or not as they need to maintain a certain standard.

Picking travel time wisely is key to landing that free flight or upgrade. To land a seat upgrade you need to plan your travel when business class seats are vacant. To benefit maximally from travel points and miles book your travel during off seasons when the flights are cheaper. Upgrades is only possible with the availability of seats in the business class.

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